Here's How Adrian Grenier Feels About All The Hate His "Devil Wears Prada" Character Gets

    "I always believe it's good to challenge, you know, standard expectations."

    Adrian Grenier doesn't mind all the hate that his Devil Wears Prada character receives.

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    In the 2006 flick, Adrian plays Andy's boyfriend Nate, who is a pretty big failure at supporting her career.

    Nate and Andy embrace and stare into each other's eyes

    Some fans have even gone as far as to call Nate the "real villain" of the film because of how poorly he treats Andy.

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    And while Nate has received a negative reaction from many people, Adrian believes "it's healthy" that people question his character's behavior.

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    "Philosophically, I always believe it's good to challenge, you know, standard expectations [or] the status quo," Adrian told E! News.

    He continued, "So, to just blindly think that Nate is innocent and he's just 'poor me,' I think it's important because I think in many ways, there are a lot of 'poor me' men out there who aren't stepping up and standing up to take care of, you know, their business. I can understand why [they] push back."

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    Adrian previously said that the public's reaction to Nate forced him to do some of his own personal reflection, as he didn't quite pick up on Nate's negative traits while reading the script.

    "I didn't see some of the subtleties and the nuance of this character, and what it represented in the film, until the wisdom of the masses came online and started to push against the character and throw him under the bus, and I got flak," Adrian told Entertainment Weekly.

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    He continued, "All those memes that came out were shocking to me. It hadn't occurred to me until I started to really think about it, and perhaps it was because I was as immature as Nate was at the time, and in many ways he's very selfish and self-involved. It was all about him; he wasn't extending himself to support Andy in her career."

    Adrian concluded, "He couldn't support her like she needed to because he was a fragile, wounded boy. ... On behalf of all the Nates out there: Come on! Step it up!"

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