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The Internet Is Going Mad Over One Question On This Emoji Tube Station Quiz


This quiz about London Underground stations described with emojis is going viral.

The quiz seemed to first appear on Mumsnet on 6 July, but started going viral on Twitter when it was posed on this Reddit thread yesterday during the Tube strike.

Some of them, like 5 and 13, are pretty tricky, but everyone is going mad over number 12.

Can you work out all 13 tube stations? Number 12 is as yet unsolved... #tubestrike via Reddit

@elenacresci IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. Time clock Canada. Clock Bus Maple. Minute Transport Flag. WHAT

No one can work it out, not even TfL staff.

I have asked a mate at TFL and it seems to have broken them too

There are a lot of (not particularly convincing) theories going round as to what the correct answer could be.

@julesmattsson @leahehanson thinks its Amersham. Clock = AM, Ambulance = Emergencies (ERS), Canadian Bacon = HAM

Theory: Clock Bus Canada Flag is a secret, abandoned Cold War station in which the emoji tube quiz maker is currently trapped.

Some people think the answer could be Mornington Crescent, as a reference to a game played on satirical BBC Radio 4 panel show I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue.

@danworthV3 my money's on it being Mornington Crescent and a hat tip to R4....

The game involves comedians saying the name of a landmark, often a London Underground station, with the winner being the first person to say "Mornington Crescent". It has no real rules and is purely for comedy, however, this quiz doesn't really fit with the joke's usual format.

But the most likely answer seems to be that number 12 is purely a troll, designed to get people to share the quiz, in which case it has worked perfectly.

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But that doesn't mean you can't still wok out the other 11.

  1. So what do you think, is number 12 a troll or is there an answer?
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So what do you think, is number 12 a troll or is there an answer?
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    It's a troll – a very clever troll.
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    I buy the Mornington Crescent theory
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