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    21 Things That Happened When We Visited The Set Of "Friends"

    We went to Comedy Central's #FriendsFest in London and got to hang out with Gunther.

    1. Comedy Central has re-created the Friends set in London so naturally we went along to the exhibition to fulfil our lifelong dreams.

    2. We started off by taking about a million nerdy photos on the famous couch.

    3. And then we walked around Monica's amazing apartment.

    4. Where we tried to sneak a peek at Ugly Naked Guy.

    And we didn't know if we were thankful or not that we didn't actually see him.

    5. We nosed around Monica's kitchen.

    6. And found some familiar items.

    7. We spotted the iconic door.

    8. And got Gunther to take a picture with us.

    9. We got ourselves a "Rachel" at the hair station.

    10. And got to look at real props from the show.

    11. So we read Monica and Chandler's wedding vows.

    12. Spotted Rachel's love letter to Ross and his nerdy comic book.

    13. And saw Joey's scripts from his two biggest roles.


    15. We sampled all of the famous foods from the show.

    16. Including Ross's sandwich.

    17. We tried on wedding dresses and cracked open a few beers.

    And thankfully did not bump into anyone we were dating.

    18. And then retired to the La-Z-Boys in Joey and Chandler's apartment.

    19. We hung out in Phoebe's Busking Area hoping someone would be singing "Smelly Cat".

    20. But no one was there so we did Monica's Thanksgiving turkey dance instead.

    21. Finally, we went outside to the fountain where it it all began.