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31 Times Super Hans Was The Funniest Character On Television

"I'll tell you what, that crack is really moreish."

1. When he might have been on a little bit of drugs.

2. When playtime was over.

3. But things got a little too much.

4. When he came up with this 10/10 insult.


5. When he absolutely fucked it.

6. When he kept things simple.

7. When he got a bit claustrophobic.

8. When he showed he doesn't do empty threats.

9. When he tried to form a team.

10. When he knew the key to a good record.

11. When he literally cracked.

12. And again.

13. When he redefined the meaning of love.

14. When he taught us about compromise.

15. When he needed all the drugs.

16. When he showed the difference between himself and Mark.

17. When he went rogue during paintball.

18. When he brought a snake to a party.

19. When he had the best interview advice.

20. And the best funeral advice.

21. When Mark "went nuts".

22. When the irony was lost on him.

23. When he had opinions on cancer.

24. When he didn't die.

25. When he told capitalism to fuck it.

26. When he became Father Spliffmas.

27. When Mark crossed him on the pub quiz machine.

28. When he finally quit the drugs – and then this happened.

29. When he stuck to his principles.

30. When he knew what goes on backstage.

31. And when he was wiser than all of us.