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We Asked Londoners To Label UK Towns And Cities On A Map And It Went Badly

To anyone who lives basically anywhere in the UK, we're sorry.

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Here is a map of the UK, with all the major towns and cities labelled on it. We asked a bunch of Londoners to try to replicate it, but on a blank map.

We knew nobody was going to get it quite this good, so we we gave some people eight random towns and cities to label, while others were given free rein, and told to add as much detail as they could possibly remember.

This person decided the map was wrong, and that Coventry was actually a secret island off the east coast of Scotland.

Alex Finnis / BuzzFeed

They also thought Ireland was Swindon, but weren't far off with Warwick, Cambridge, and Manchester.


This person got so angry about their eight towns they labelled Coleraine twice.

Alex Finnis / BuzzFeed

Other than Wigan, which was kind of close thanks to being drawn on with a massive spiral, this was a pretty terrible effort.

This one was actually quite respectable, other than the "large man with boner" near the south coast.

Alex Finnis / BuzzFeed

Everything was kind of shifted north a little bit, but at least they put the White Walkers in the right place.