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27 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Your Life

This is your life.

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1. Your life is this girl's bicycle ride.

2. It is this selfie.

3. And this peak of human achievement.

4. Your life is definitely this.

5. It's this dinosaur.

6. And it's this lion.

7. Your life is these six words.

8. It's this confirmation.

9. And it is this searching question.

10. This hedgehog is your life.

11. And so is this.

12. It's these dice.

13. It's this response.

14. This desperate message.

15. And this vital query.

16. Your life is this exciting email.

17. It's this routine.

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18. And this perfect comeback.

19. This notification is your life.

20. It's this 180.

21. This challenge.

22. And this cry for help.

23. Your life is this trip.

24. This romantic dinner.

25. This kid.

26. And this denial.

27. But most of all, your life is Venusaur.

Always try ur best.

Always try ur best.