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21 Proper Job Things You'll Know If You Come From The West Country

Proper job.

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5. You're used to an altogether different kind of roadblock.

You were definitely made late for school at least once by either sheep, cows, a tractor, or flooding.

6. Basically, you just know that animals and roads are never a good mix.

"@itvwestcountry: Swan is coned off in Bath- for its own protection. " #somersetproblems

7. You know what proper cider tastes like – and it isn't Strongbow.

Instagram: @wigzuki

Strongbow isn't the worst thing in the world, but real West Country cider is pretty much an entirely different drink.


12. You went on some really, really boring school trips.

Being followed by schoolies. First they visited my postbox, now the park. Most boring school trip ever

One of them was probably to a farm, and you might have spent a day at a mill of some kind. If you were really lucky, you might have gone to the Eden Project.

14. You know that wellies are more than just a fashion statement.

15. And where you're from, Barbour jackets are worn by mums who live in the country, not posh city boys.

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16. You've probably eaten a proper Cornish pasty, actually from Cornwall.

And know that they are so, so much better than anything you'll find in Greggs.

19. Except for when it does.


20. You get really excited when the place you're from pops up on national TV, because normally no one really cares about it.

20th Century Fox

Though it's less fun if it's just news about how your town has flooded.