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    25 Things You Should Do Before You're 25

    A quarter-life bucket list.

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    1. Go back to somewhere really nostalgic from your childhood.

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    Even if you live far away now, try to make a mini pilgrimage. Take your partner or your best friend and let them relive a personal moment from your past with you, or just go solo and use the day to clear your head of any current troubles.

    2. Find a way to wake up in the morning that you don’t completely hate.

    Whether that's just finding an alarm tune that makes you feel vaguely positive about the day ahead, or training your body clock to wake you up naturally.

    3. Learn to cook at least three or four of your favourite meals really well.

    4. And be able to create a three-course meal suitable for a small dinner party.

    5. Go to the cinema on your own.

    Especially to see something you've been excited about for ages. You might feel a little self-conscious at first, but it's honestly the best way to see a movie.

    6. Decorate your rented flat to make it really feel like home.

    7. Keep a couple of house plants that aren’t cacti.

    8. Take that recommendation your friend has been trying to give you for years now. You know the one.

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    It's definitely a thing that the more someone tries to get you to do something, the more closed-minded you feel about it. Try to stop yourself being like that and open yourself up to suggestions, especially from people you like and trust. You may well find your new favourite restaurant or TV show.

    9. Visit another continent.

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    Try to go somewhere totally different from where you're from and places you've been before. Experience something totally new that may make you leave your ideal level of comfort behind.

    10. And go on at least one town or city break to somewhere in your own country that you wouldn’t normally think of visiting.

    11. Take your family out for dinner, and make it a surprise.

    Took the parents out for belated 24th anniversary dinner 💕

    This will make you feel like a proper adult, and your family will be so, so grateful. P.S. McDonald's does not count.

    12. Ask your boss for a pay rise.


    It's something that can feel awkward as fuck to do, but why shouldn't you get what you deserve?

    13. Learn a new skill, like a foreign language, an instrument, or even something like dealing cards.

    You can download apps that teach you French or Spanish on your way to work, and they make it fun too. Any skill you can whip out at a party is cool too (but don't be that guy who forces everyone to listen to their average guitar-playing and awful singing in a circle at 2am).

    14. Watch 100 of the IMDb top 250 movies of all time.

    Including all of the top 20, so you never have to explain why you've never seen Shawshank ever again.

    15. Organise a monthly dinner with your friends you don’t see all the time, so you don’t fall out of touch.

    16. Find a form of exercise you actually enjoy.

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    The older we get, the more inevitable the need to exercise becomes. You can do something massive and train for a marathon, or try something much more relaxing, like yoga. Find a time to exercise that suits your lifestyle.

    17. Find a style that works for you and build a wardrobe around it. Try to add to it a little each month.

    18. Group together all the clothes you no longer wear and give them all to charity. Try to be as brutal as you can.

    Twitter: @tomlinsauce

    You're not going to wear that jumper that hasn't seen the light of day since 2012 – stop pretending you might and let someone else have it instead. Besides, clearing out your unwanted stuff is actually quite refreshing.

    19. And then treat yourself to an item of clothing that you really like but wouldn’t usually buy.

    Twitter: @lizze_summerset

    Whether that's something a little bolder than you'd usually go for but you know you look great in, or something that costs way more than you'd usually spend on a single item. Treat yo' self.

    20. Make a list of 10 restaurants you really want to try out, and go to all of them. Once you’ve completed it, do 10 more.

    21. Take something that’s always interested you and really teach yourself about it.

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    Become a semi-expert in something – literally anything. It feels great to have a topic you can feel genuinely comfortable to talk about with confidence.

    22. Keep a list of books you want to read and work your way through it.

    23. Make sure you know how to do basic household things like change a lightbulb, clean the toilet, and put a wash on without ruining anything.

    Twenty-five is definitely too old to not know what all the different settings on your oven and washing machine do.

    24. Do one thing that falls well outside of your comfort zone.

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    Even if it's just something really little – you don't have to go bungee jumping or anything. If you end up hating it, you'll still feel proud of yourself for trying.

    25. Make a special savings pot that isn’t for “the future”, but for something you really, really want.

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