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23 Things That Were Cool In 2005 But Definitely Aren't Now

Fuck you, Crazy Frog.

1. Proudly wearing your Livestrong bracelet at all times.

Twitter: @KalynHaar

Dodgeball isn't the only thing Lance Armstrong ruined.

2. Recording your favourite songs to use as ringtones for your phone.

#TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow the actual struggle of getting ringtones on your phone😂

Having "JCB" by Nizlopi blare out in the middle of a meeting in 2015 would not be a good look.

3. Posing for your profile picture like this.

Especially difficult to get right since we didn't even have front-facing cameras back then.

4. Writing ~random~ phrases all over your Converse.

Twitter: @girlvlmghty

You can't decorate yourself like a Care Bear in 2015.

5. Wet-look hair gel, complete with bleached tips.

Please let this never come back into fashion.

6. Chunky highlights that made you look like a zebra.

7. The hot pink Motorola Razr, aka the coolest thing in school.

This would seem awesome and retro for about a day, but then you'd just miss Instagram and Snapchat.

8. Zipping around on Heelys.

They've now been replaced by those hoverboard things, which are definitely much worse.

9. Wearing a school tie with your regular clothes.

Avril made this look work, but not even she would still do it today.

10. Wearing a school tie with your regular clothes AS A BELT.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Oh no :(

11. Layered popped collars.

Even one is too many.

12. Songs that sounded like an episode of Alvin and the Chipmunks.

To be fair to Akon, this was a banger. He is 42 years old now. Forty-two.

13. The iPod Nano.

Everyone wanted one when they came out in 2005, but when was the last time you saw an iPod in the wild?

14. Going to school wearing a headband with your name in glitter.

So not fetch in 2015.

15. Crazy Frog.

Imagine going to the pub after work and trying to get your colleagues to laugh by doing a Crazy Frog impression. Then imagine having to find a new job.

16. Decking yourself out head-to-toe in Abercrombie and Hollister.

There's no need to pay £100 for someone to rip your jeans for you.

17. Puka shell necklaces.

For that fresh-off-the-beach look that's best left in the '00s.

18. Having a million and one different "Bang on the Door" products.

Nothing is groovy in 2015.

19. Getting into "poke" wars on Facebook.

Apparently poking is still a thing, but no one knows how to do it any more.

20. Letting everyone know when an hour was up with your Baby-G watch.

Everyone at work would hate you now.

21. Owning a webcam.

All laptops have them built in now. Getting a separate one just seems really creepy.

22. Going out in your bright pink Juicy Couture tracksuit.

~So trendy~

23. Lynx.

Twitter: @MattyTrimble

The adverts told you it would get you laid. These days, it's definitely the opposite.

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