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    31 Tumblr Posts Only True Disney Fans Will Appreciate

    This will change the way you see Disney. H/T this Imgur post.

    1. This musical riposte:

    2. This disgusting revelation:

    3. And this less disgusting one, which will make you think:

    4. This helpful dating advice:

    5. This A+ parenting:

    6. This real-life Emperor Kuzko:

    7. Idina Menzel's hypocrisy:

    8. Emo:

    9. This underwhelming translation:

    10. This Tangled truth:

    11. This very real moment:

    12. This mash-up:

    13. And also this one:

    14. These contrasting teaching methods:

    15. This selfish parking:

    16. This haircut:

    17. This important mathematics:

    18. This bra-illiant joke:

    19. And this one, for the history buffs:

    20. This handy discovery:

    21. This selfie:

    22. These flawed princes:

    23. Dory Rae Jepsen:

    24. This constant irritation:

    25. This parallel:

    26. This line, which is way cleverer than you ever imagined:

    27. This chef:

    28. This High School Musical outfit change:

    29. This display of love:

    30. The real meaning of Taylor Swift's "Trouble".

    31. And this lost sweet: