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    23 Things Every British School Kid Did In The '00s

    You definitely cared deeply about these things at school, but probably don't any more.

    1. Agonised each morning about which smell matched your mood that day.

    Looking back, they all smelled kind of desperate and awful.

    2. Ate these purely to impress your friends – the black cherry ones were the biggest challenge.

    Nothing says being a teenager like eating something horrible to try and look cool.

    3. Had your birthday party at the same place pretty much every year, because it was awesome and there were basically no other options anyway.

    Two games of bowling, followed by about an hour in the arcade spending all of your parents' change, then some air hockey and a McDonald's.

    4. Spent far too much time on MSN, to the point that you'd rather talk to SmarterChild than log off.

    He never lost his patience, no matter how many times you asked if he had a big willy.

    5. But you'd simultaneously be playing something like Habbo Hotel, or a game on Miniclip.

    Why go outside when Habbo Hotel was so much more glamorous than your actual life?

    6. Always looked forward to Tuesdays, because that's the day your favourite magazine came out, and hoped your mum had bought it for you by the time you were home from school.

    You'd then cut the posters out and add to the hundreds already plastered over your wall.

    7. Made sure your hair had that ~totally natural~ sunkissed look.

    So natural. So stylish. So much regret.

    8. Wore your tie really short, or rolled your skirt up really high, because you were a total badass.

    Twitter: @SamarthKanal

    One stripe meant you were a total fucking legend.

    9. Got out of bed especially for SM:TV Live every Saturday morning.

    And since the last episode, you've never had anything worth getting up for again.

    10. Got told off by your parents because you accidentally downloaded a Trojan virus instead of the new Green Day album.

    11. But then burnt the songs you did manage to download on to mix CDs, which you then obviously decorated.

    Because that was the best bit.

    12. When you got a bit older though, music was less about burning discs and more about how to subtly sneak an earphone in while in class.

    The trick was to put it up your jumper sleeve.

    13. Proudly rocked the most fashionable jewellery of the time.

    If your arms weren't completely covered with rubber wristbands in the '00s then you were basically a cancer supporter.

    14. Totally believed that the love calculator would tell you if your relationship would go the distance (make it to the end of the week).

    Every school had that couple who broke up and got back together like five different times.

    15. And discovered every detail of your future during morning mini-break.

    Somehow it was different every time...

    16. Wanted a Motorola Razr so much it hurt – until you wanted a Blackberry instead.

    Because how could you flirt with kids you didn't really know from other schools if you didn't have BBM?

    17. Really knew the importance of having a fashionable schoolbag.

    Surf brand backpacks or GTFO tbh.

    18. Relied heavily on reading these the night before an exam to make sure you didn't realise the nightmare of missing out an entire topic.

    Twitter: @NegativeCole

    Why did the guy in the logo always wear sunglasses to revise?

    19. Used Bebo mostly for drawing elaborate dicks on your friends' whiteboards.

    Because let's be honest, it was a bit shit for anything else.

    20. And based your MySpace top 8 on whoever was being nicest to you that week.

    No better way to tell Chloe she's being a bit of a twat than bumping her down to fifth – not even on the top line.

    21. Felt really grown up when drinking alcohol, even though that alcohol was mostly blue WKDs, Strongbow, Caribbean Twist, and Smirnoff Ice.

    You felt less like an adult when you were sicking it back up into a hedge and had to pretend to be sober when your dad picked you up at 11.

    22. Wanted to be in Skins more than you wanted anything else in life, even though it was depressing as fuck.

    Company Pictures

    Because when you're a teenager, intense emotional drama for some reason seems attractive.

    23. And Tipp-Exed everything, because you really knew how to have fun.

    There is not one British '00s kid out there who didn't once try to Tipp-Ex their own face.

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