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    31 Pictures That Perfectly Capture What It Means To Be British

    We should all be proud.

    1. This bloke's nan and her new passport photo.

    2. This woman queueing patiently on her own behind this red light.

    3. This Leeds traffic warden giving a parking ticket to a wheelbarrow.

    4. This drunk man doing his thing at the cricket.

    5. This man having a pint on top of a bus stop in Hull.

    6. And this badass old lady.

    7. This man's epic adventure.

    8. This important police division.

    9. These two Yorkshiremen enjoying a pint in their local beer garden.

    10. And these two Geordie lads, enjoying theirs in their back garden.

    11. This romantic date.

    12. This terrapin surfing a dead fox down Regent's Canal.

    13. This flag at Glastonbury festival.

    14. This drunk Father Christmas being sick into his hat.

    15. This photo of New Year's Eve in Manchester, which looks like a Renaissance painting.

    16. This guide to queueing at Wimbledon.

    17. And this viewer's important question.

    18. This Sky Sports News presenter having a dildo jabbed in his ear live on TV.

    19. The hatred this woman received.

    20. This netball team.

    21. This roadblock.

    22. This deeply political graffiti.

    23. These people sunbathing on the platform while waiting for their train.

    24. This treacherous flood.

    25. This sad muggle's tale.

    26. This chap's predicament.

    27. This note in the window of a chippie.

    28. This pressing question on The Chase.

    29. This ice cream van doing solid trade on a gridlocked motorway.

    30. This inventive banner at a Maidstone United match.

    31. And this act of pure, British anarchy.