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The 27 Stages Of How "Football Manager" Ruins Your Life

Just one more game...

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5. You break a couple of letters off your keyboard in frustration.

How often do you really need the 'c' or 'v' though, right?

9. Before long, you come to consider managing your team as your full-time job, and your actual work as the distracting side note.

21. And on the rare occassion you actually see your friends, you have entire conversations based around footballers you've never really seen play.

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"Yeah, he's my left back. You should see his tackling, it's incredible. What does he look like? In real life? Not a clue."

22. Actually, you've played for so long that the game is almost entirely made up of computer generated players who don't even exist.

23. "Managed York City to the 2035 Champions League trophy" is something you actually put on your CV.

Via / NBC

Mainly because you haven't achieved anything outside of your laptop screen in many, many months.

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