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    Teens Are Reacting Hilariously To Getting Their GCSE Results

    Googles "how to fake your own death".

    Today is the day thousands of teenagers have been dreading for months – GCSE results day.

    When Thursday morning hits... #GCSEResults #GBBO

    Oh look, this milk ends the same day I end #GCSEresults #Nothanks

    Emotions have been running high.

    me getting my results tomorrow morning #gcseresults

    And many have been fearing the worst.

    wearing all black tomorrow incase I have to attend my own funeral #resultsday

    Taking my suitcase with me to results day because I already know where I'm headed after it #resultsday

    I mean, this was hardly a good sign.

    Not a good sign for this year's results that 'GSCE' is trending...

    But you can't say they weren't fully prepared.

    Some were taking a leaf out of the book of us adults by turning straight to the booze.

    the vodka ill be drinking on results day will probably be a higher percentage than my exam results #resultsday

    At least all those English lessons had taught them something, even if it did mean the omens were bad.

    So some decided to just play things safe.

    A closed envelope is a happy envelope #resultsday

    Some had their excuses right to hand.

    When my teacher asks why I only got a c #resultsday

    Don't worry if you fail a GCSE, you make the teacher you hate look bad, so all's good😂😁 #resultsday

    While others were just resigned to their futures.

    my sister just got her GCSE results and now she's digging a massive hole in our garden I hope she's okay

    #resultsday texting your mum like

    But whatever results people got, there were two universal truths.

    "There's nothing more you can do" " what's done is done"... #gcseresults #resultsday

    Now, time to go and get drunk (on Fanta, obviously).

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