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    Posted on Sep 22, 2015

    21 Real, Frustrating, And Neverending Struggles Of Being A Tidy Student

    Curse the empty toilet roll "collection".

    1. The word "tidy" means something totally different to you from what it means to your flatmates.

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    How can they not see the same mess you can? And if they can, how does it not bother them? You just don't understand.

    2. You're all too used to getting back after a long day on campus, starving hungry, and seeing everything you need to cook stacked up dirty on the side.

    3. Or even worse, stacked up in the sink.


    Your plate has a few crumbs on it and you only used that glass for squash, they do NOT need to soak.

    4. Which means a lot of the time, you end up doing other people's washing up.

    5. Every shower you take begins with you washing about three other people's hairs down the plughole.

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    Gross gross gross gross gross gross gross.

    6. You're always left to deal with shit like this.

    7. And this.

    You're pretty sure you're the only person in your flat who has ever used the hoover.

    8. And especially this.

    God damn it, people.

    9. You can't work in your room unless it is really tidy and your desk is totally in order.

    10. You feel a bit tense whenever people come and hang out there, just in case they mess it all up.

    11. And anyone eating on your bed? That's too much to handle.

    12. You're torn between how much you enjoy kitchen parties and knowing how disgusting the place will look in the morning.

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    And you also know it's you who's going to have to do the bulk of the cleaning up.

    13. Just walking into your kitchen in halls is enough to make you feel a bit stressed.

    The fuck have you guys been making here?

    14. And you have to be extra careful to keep your door locked, because having your room pranked is basically your worst nightmare.

    It's all fun and games until someone cling-films your bed.

    15. You've probably made a cleaning rota at some point – and it probably got ignored after about three weeks.

    16. You get irritated when your flatmates try to invade your fridge space.

    17. Sometimes you have no choice but to broach the awkward subject of the mess with your housemates.

    They might think you're being uptight, but you can't help being tidy – it's just a nicer way to live.

    18. And when you get really fed up, you might even go on strike.

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    19. But it never really works, because it just means you end up living in mess, and eventually you'll cave and clean up again.


    And you'll have even more to do than you did before.

    20. At the end of the day, at least you're living with friends.

    21. And you can have your dream, sparkling clean house when you're a proper adult.


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