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21 Pictures That Are Way Too Real For People Who Grew Up With Strict Parents

Where are you going? Who’s going to be there? What's their Social Security number?

1. When you ask to stay over somewhere but your mum's like "let me talk to their parents".

2. When your parents complain about you being home all the time, but then you ask to go out and they say no.

3. When you're on your phone past your bedtime and hear your door click.

4. When you try to tell a funny story but then it turns into a lecture.

5. When anything remotely sexual comes on TV.

6. When you've been told you can't go out and your friend's like, "Ask her again."

7. And then when you get told no again they're like, "Ask her why."

8. When your S.O. talks about meeting your parents.

9. When you forget the time and realise you're supposed to be home already.

10. When all your friends are out having fun and you're stuck inside.

11. Whenever you ask to sleep over anywhere.

12. When your parents ask who you're texting every time you have your phone in your hand.

13. When your friend tells you to "just sneak out".

14. When your teacher calls your parents.

15. When you get home from school and your parents immediately start shouting at you about homework.

16. When you get woken up at 7am for an appointment you didn't even know about.

17. When your friend's allowed to have a sleepover with their S.O.

18. When your friends ask if you can go out but you say no without even asking because you already know the answer.

19. When you have to text your parents as soon as you arrive anywhere.

20. When your friend's like, "Why can't you just lie to them?"

21. When you ask for permission to do something and your parents actually let you.