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21 Steps To A Rich And Successful Life, As Told By "The Sims"

Finally, a guide to life that actually makes sense!

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1. To be successful, you're obviously going to need to dress to impress at work.

Display your ruthless attitude and intent to rise to the very top by dressing yourself head to toe in another man's skin.


5. After that, it won't be long until the two of you get down to business.

Make sure you perform to the best of your ability by hiring a lady in a suit to sit in a chair and shout words like "power" and "synergy" at you from the corner of the room.


11. And throw elaborate dinner parties for the most elite couples in your area.

Behind every successful and talented person is an equally successful and talented group of friends. Find yours by inviting a bunch of people with posh names to your house, then setting fire to them and staring manically into the distance.


16. Recycling is boring, but important if you want to be viewed as a respectable citizen.

Make the chore more bearable by hiring a man to dance topless on your counter while you sort through your rubbish.

20. You will also need to appear smart and knowledgable. Consider this carefully when planning your meals, because remember, you are what you eat.

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