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    23 Signs That Failed So Hard They Almost Won

    These signs point directly to fail town.

    1. This ruined summer:

    2. This accidental troll:

    3. This cruel placement:

    4. And this even crueller one:

    5. These ~interesting~ sounding movies.

    6. This morbid play area:

    7. This flyer, which was clearly asking for it:

    8. This dining establishment:

    9. And this dodgy takeaway:

    10. This impressive ad campaign:

    11. And this somewhat threatening one:

    12. This offer, which is not what it seems:

    13. This sympathetic effort:

    14. And this one, which you'll have to look twice at:

    15. This car crash from start to finish:

    16. This definite improvement:

    17. This reassurance:

    18. This unfortunate spacing:

    19. This warning:

    20. This depressing comic strip:

    21. This unlucky supermarket:

    22. This slightly sketchy offer:

    23. And this tasty snack:

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