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17 Times "Game Of Thrones" Was Basically Just A Rip Off Of "Shrek"

I like that throne. That is a niiiice throne. Spoilers if you haven't finished Season 5.

1. @Shrekgot is a new Twitter account that pairs up very similar scenes from Game of Thrones to scenes from the Shrek movies.

2. And it works surprisingly well.

3. Not least because Jaime Lannister makes a great Prince Charming.

4. Prince Oberyn is definitely Puss in Boots.

5. And Ramsay Bolton could be Game of Thrones' Lord Farquaad.

6. Overall, some of the scenes just mirror each other very well.

7. Almost too well...

8. This is uncanny.

9. Olenna Tyrell would definitely make a badass fairy godmother.

10. This could be either Tommen or Joffrey.

11. Tyrion and Donkey are the perfect pair, because neither will ever shut up.

12. Some scenes are so similar you just have to wonder...

13. Maybe Game of Thrones was just ripping off Shrek all along...

14. It's got dragons.

15. Animal sidekicks.

16. And yes, tragic deaths.

17. If only George R.R. Martin could learn the concept of a happy ending.

HBO / DreamWorks / Twitter: @shrekgot
HBO / DreamWorks / Twitter: @shrekgot
HBO / DreamWorks / Twitter: @shrekgot

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