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    22 Of The Most Disgusting Things People Have Actually Put In Their Mouths

    "I found a used condom in my parents' room..."

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community what the worst thing they had ever put in their mouth was. As you would expect, there were a lot of disgusting responses. Here are the best.

    1. Unwashed penis.

    2. Their parents' used condom.

    3. Three buttons and half a napkin.

    4. Their own shit.

    5. Exploded frog eyeball.

    6. Cat uterus.

    7. Fishy cum.

    8. Loads of slugs and snails.

    9. Cat food in milk.

    10. Hamster piss.

    11. Cigarette butts.

    12. Diaper rash cream.

    13. Chihuahua shit.

    14. Their brother's vomit.

    15. A used bandaid.

    16. Dick.

    17. Shit-covered dog paw.

    18. Nail polish remover.

    19. Their friend's food-covered dentures.

    20. Paintballs.

    21. Bits of tumour.

    22. "My ex-husband."