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Posted on Oct 6, 2015

Relationships At The Beginning Vs Relationships After Three Years

Once you can fart in front of each other, you know it's serious.

1. At the beginning: You try desperately to pretend you never fart, poo, or have any bodily functions at all.

Columbia Pictures

After three years: You fart and burp in front of each other all the time, and text your S.O. when you do a particularly impressive shit.

Krasnoff/Foster Entertainment

2. At the beginning: Your dates are all about flirting over cocktails and going for meals neither of you can really afford.

Warner Bros

After three years: Your date locations are decided by wherever has a good deal on – and that's only if you can be bothered to leave the house.

20th Century Fox

3. At the beginning: You get a thrill out of sharing and discovering new things about each other, and getting to really understand a new person.

Lime Pictures

After three years: You know everything there possibly is to know about each other, and your new discoveries are made together.

20th Century Fox

4. At the beginning: You make each other watch your favourite TV shows, and want nothing more than for them to love them as much as you do.

Broadway Video

After three years: Any new show ~has~ to be watched together, even if it means waiting a few days and risking spoilers.


5. At the beginning: Your sex is spontaneous, exciting, and also pretty much the only thing you do.

After three years: It's less frequent and spontaneous, but also much better, and you know there's nothing wrong with a quickie now and then.

20th Century Fox

6. At the beginning: You'll be experimental AF, and fuck in all kinds of weird, probably slightly unhygienic places.

After three years: You know that people have sex in bed for a reason.

20th Century Fox

7. At the beginning: You feel like you should cuddle to sleep, resulting in dead arms, accidentally pulled hair, and a lot of overheating.

Lionsgate Television

After three years: You show your love by sleeping as far away from each other as possible. Because space > sweat.

3 Arts Entertainment

8. At the beginning: You always try to look your best for your new partner, in case they find you find out you're actually a massive slob.

20th Century Fox

After three years: You get to be massive slobs together, and it's fucking great.

9. At the beginning: Your texts are flirty, chatty, and full of emojis and kisses.

After three years: They look more like this.

10. At the beginning: You spend lots of time and money making really personal presents or buying expensive gifts.

After three years: You just tell them what you want – or combine presents and go on holiday together instead.

11. In the beginning: You share dessert, because ~romance~.

After three years: You're each getting your goddamn own.

Deedle-Dee Productions

12. At the beginning: You argue about stupid shit that doesn't really matter.

Broadway Video

After three years: You argue about even stupider shit that definitely doesn't matter.

Tapestry Films

13. At the beginning: You flirt constantly and outrageously.

Apatow Productions

After three years: The flirting turns to genuine support and encouragement, and sometimes just an "I love you" is enough.

Warner Bros

14. At the beginning: Netflix and chill means 😉😉😉Neflix and chill😉😉😉.

Deedle-Dee Productions / Via Twitter: @DwightSchrute_

After three years: It literally means watching Netflix and lying on the sofa.

Castle Rock Entertainment

15. At the beginning: You're really nervous when you introduce them to your best friend, and pray they get along.

Kripke Enterprises

After three years: They are your best friend, and you tell each other everything.

Deedle-Dee Productions

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