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18 Stunning London Sights That Were Just Made For Instagram

These places are all stunning even without a filter.

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1. Neasden Temple

Instagram: @_vikpatel

Nearest Station: Stonebridge Park.

Why it's worth going: Because look at it. This Hindu temple, also known as BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, looks more like a building you'd find in India, not Brent. It also holds the honour of being Europe’s first traditional Hindu stone temple.

2. The Churchill Arms, Kensington

Instagram: @ryankorban

Nearest Station: Notting Hill Gate.

Why it's worth going: Because it might just be the most beautiful pub in London, and once you're done taking your photos, you can go inside and drink.

3. Richmond Park

Instagram: @elliepwildlife

Nearest Station: Richmond Station.

Why it's worth going: The deer. Richmond Park is famous for being home to more than 600 free-roaming red and fallow deer – which aren't exactly something you get to photograph often in London.

4. Neal's Yard, Covent Garden

Instagram: @rosie

Nearest station: Covent Garden.

Why it's worth going: For the vibrant colours alone, but also because it has some great little cafés and boutiques. You'd never know it was a minute's walk from Shaftesbury Avenue.


5. Nunhead Cemetery

Instagram: @plumbosickboy

Nearest Station: Nunhead.

Why it's worth going: One of London's several beautiful Victorian gothic cemeteries, Nunhead's is out of the way enough to make you feel like you're not really in London at all, but still pretty easy to get to.

6. Brixton Windmill

Instagram: @suzethefluze

Nearest Station: Brixton.

Why it's worth going: Because it was restored five years ago, meaning it looks as good as ever. Also, there's a Santa's grotto there on 19 December, which must be one of the most unique places to visit him in London.

7. Horniman Museum and Gardens, Forest Hill

Instagram: @lawrenceidiota

Nearest Station: Forest Hill.

Why it's worth going: It's one of London's most bizarre and interesting museums, and also boasts a garden with an excellent view. The museum itself has an aquarium, a huge array of anthropology, and a musical instrument collection.

8. Syon Park

Instagram: @justefe

Nearest Station: Syon Lane.

Why it's worth going: It's massive, so you can take enough Instagrams to fill your feed for the next few weeks. Syon House itself is the Duke of Northumberland's London home, and the highlight of the gardens is the huge lake and pretty bridge.


9. The Shard

Instagram: @delson96

Nearest Station: London Bridge.

Why it's worth going: Everyone knows about the shard, and it does cost £25.95 to go to the top, but no matter what anyone says, you won't get a better view over London anywhere else. The bar is now much more affordable too.

10. MV Royal Iris, Woolwich

Instagram: @derelictlondon

Nearest Station: Woolwich Dockyard.

Why it's worth going: This former Mersey Ferry was supposed to be turned into a nightclub, but has fallen into a bit of a state of disrepair. While this is sad, it does make for some great photographs.

11. Bywater Street, Chelsea

Instagram: @nonroyalondonlover

Nearest Station: Sloane Square.

Why it's worth going: It's just a little residential street, but since it's just off the King's Road, the pretty pastel houses definitely make it worth a quick visit.

12. Regent's Canal

Instagram: @roxanascorner

Nearest Station: Warwick Avenue (for Little Venice).

Why it's worth going: You can start at the beautiful Little Venice, and if you're feeling energetic, walk the 14km down to Limehouse in the east. If that sound a bit much, it's perfect for a gentle hour-long stroll too.


13. Wilton's Music Hall, Cable Street

Instagram: @out_of_joint

Nearest Station: Tower Hill/Shadwell

Why it's worth going: It's the oldest surviving music hall in the world, which is pretty cool in itself, and still has a lot of its original features from its opening in 1859. The building is still a performance space, and is as stunning inside as out.

14. Hampstead Heath

Instagram: @ber

Nearest Station: Hampstead Heath.

Why it's worth going: Because it's blissful. Whether you want to sit out on the grass on a summer's day, trudge through the autumn woods, or climb to the top of Parliament Hill and get a view over the city, it's the perfect London day out.

15. London Wetland Centre

Instagram: @justin_de_villeneuve

Nearest Station: Barnes.

Why it's worth going: Because it's probably the best place to see wildlife in London. You're guaranteed to catch sight of wildfowl you probably didn't even know existed, and if you're lucky you might even see some otters.

16. York House, Twickenham

Instagram: @tomwilmotsmith

Nearest Station: Twickenham.

Why it's worth going: It's basically the dream house, but since most of us will never be able to afford anything similar, the best we can really do is go and visit for a day and pretend.

17. Crystal Palace Park

Instagram: @theseanphilip

Nearest Station: Crystal Palace.

Why it's worth going: For the dinosaur statues that will make you feel like a dino-loving kid again, and will look pretty damn impressive on your feed.

18. St Dunstan in the East Church Garden

Instagram: @riko1220

Nearest Station: Monument.

Why it's worth going: This church was mostly ruined during the Second World War, but the ruins are now a stunning public garden that feels like an elven grove. It's even more special when you consider it's located right in the heart of the City.