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    17 Pictures That Are So Damn Tempting For People Who Love Popping Pimples

    So gross, but so good.

    1. Imagine splattering this against the mirror.

    2. And just look at the size of this neck spot.

    3. These forehead pimples are, like, hours of fun.

    4. Think about how good popping this burn would be. Just think about it.

    5. This one really needs another squeeze.

    6. And just look at whatever the fuck this is!

    7. This ingrown hair is so ingrown it's LITERALLY GONE THROUGH THE OTHER SIDE OF HIS NOSE.

    8. Imagine being the person popping this.

    9. This looks so painful, but also so, so tempting.

    10. Look how thick this gloop is!

    11. This is going to explode, you just know it.

    12. Fuuuuuuuuuuuck.

    13. There is so much more to come here.

    14. This just needs to go.

    15. Holy shit, look how perfect.

    16. What the actual fuck.

    17. So gross, but so damn good.