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21 Pictures That Won't Make Sense If You Didn't Go To University

*Sets alarm for 14-minute nap*

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1. Waiting for your loan to come in:

2. Deserving some rest:

3. Procrastinating hard:

4. Developing weird habits:

5. Getting ripped off:

6. Being resourceful:

7. Really, really resourceful:

8. Discovering catch-22:

9. Getting your essay on:

10. Shopping for deals:

11. Taking shifts:

12. Keeping mum happy:

13. Sorting out your life plan:

14. Having breakfast at the end of a long term:

15. Drinking vodka and squash (the student's cocktail) from the only clean cup left in the house:

16. Praying to literally every god:

17. Actually paying attention in a lecture for once:

18. Seeking comfort:

19. Leaving your room unlocked:

20. Getting that degree certificate:

21. And this revelation: