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    27 Kids Who Are Totally You When You're Drunk

    Proof that children are nothing but tiny, wasted adults.

    1. The owner of this house, who is in no state for company.

    2. This idiot.

    3. This kid, who just couldn't keep it down.

    4. This future rugby lad.

    5. This girl, whom we have all been once.

    6. This kid, who regrets telling his mate: "C'mon, let's go to the dog track, it'll be such wicked banter."

    7. This girl, who went way too hard way too soon.

    8. This waster.

    9. This kid, who learnt the hard way not to pick a fight in the club.

    10. These two bright young sparks.

    11. This drunk bully, who got what was coming to him.

    12. This dude, who somehow managed to fall down each individual stair.

    13. This boy, who wasn't ready for what the world had to throw at him.

    14. This sufferer of drunken forgetfulness.

    15. This idiot, who literally tried to eat fire.

    16. This kid, who got hella lost on his way home from the pub.

    17. This guy, who so nearly got away with it.

    18. This kid, who tried to show off to the ladies.

    19. This boy, who has absolutely no idea what he is doing.

    20. This hero, who is the true meaning of "powering through".

    21. This guy, who let the daytime drinking get the better of him.

    22. Just like this dude did.

    23. This kid, who was stupid enough to get drunk in front of his parents.

    24. This total dick.

    25. The entire audience for whatever type of comedy this is.

    26. This kid, for whom booze is courage.

    27. And finally this girl, who is just done.

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