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19 Situations That Would Be A Total Fuck-Up For Drunk People

Don't drink and do stuff.

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1. This dangerously placed light switch.

2. These sinks, that definitely aren't something else.

3. This refreshing drink of Bud Light.

4. And this can of Coors-ception.

5. This dentists' trip in waiting.

6. And this other teeth-cleaning nightmare.

7. This helpful taxi ride home.

8. This normally simple task.

9. This stir fry sauce that's really trying to fit in.

10. And this jar of disgusting egg whites, right next to a jar of delicious Limoncello.

11. This probably-quite-sensible passcode.

12. This drunken cereal shop.

13. These fucking toilet signs.

14. Doors.

15. All doors.

16. An unopened can and no can opener.

17. This bastard house.

18. Everything about this flight of stairs.

19. And the evilest step of all time.

What a dick.

What a dick.