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17 Things You'll Only Know If You Met Your Best Friend At Uni

Uni friendships are the best friendships – because they don't know how embarrassing you were as a kid.

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4. You find it weird that they didn't know what you were like when you were a kid.

And the other way around. It's strange to feel like you know everything about someone, but you didn't actually know them growing up.


5. But you're also grateful, because you can tell them on your own terms about all the embarrassing shit you did.

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It's not so shameful if you're telling the story yourself. Especially since your friend will probably reply with a worse one.

6. You know you'll never grow apart, because you met as "adults", rather than kids.

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You changed from dorky 18-year-olds to slightly-less-dorky 21-year-olds together, so your bond is real and eternal.

8. You've seen each other in some pretty dire situations.


A lot of them probably involved alcohol, but you might have helped each other through some pretty serious break-ups too, and that's the sort of thing that makes you friends for life.


11. At uni, you were constant bad influences on each other.

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Even when you had an essay to do, your BFF would somehow always manage to get you out – and don't pretend like you didn't do the same to them. All the time.

12. And you still continue to be – because you know exactly how to get each other excited.

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There's that one song that will always make them itch to ditch everything and head down to the club – and you're not afraid to use it.


14. Your friendship is totally judgment-free.

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You'll always give each other advice, but you also know it's important for you both to make your own decisions, even if those decisions happen to be completely, life-ruiningly terrible.

16. As is binge-watching the same TV shows.

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Even if you can't always watch them together, you'll still try to watch at the same pace and then talk extensively about the events like they're real life.

17. It's much harder being apart from them than it is being apart from your home or school friends.

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You spent at least three years being basically joined at the hip, so being without them feels like you're missing a limb.