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19 Pictures That Prove Louis Theroux Is Relatable AF

He's truly a national treasure. H/T @NoContextLouis.

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1. When you really don't approve of your friend's new partner:

2. When you're on the bus and there's a screaming child one seat behind you:

3. When your sibling eats the food you'd been saving in the fridge:

4. When you're preparing to make the naked dash to the shower but need to check the coast is clear first:

5. When you walk into an "occupied" bedroom at a house party:

6. When you try to relate to someone much younger than you:

7. When your two best friends are arguing and you're caught in the middle:

8. When you get talking to a total hottie in the club:

9. When you give them your best line:

10. When you take them home but need to lay the ground rules:

11. And when you want to make sure you're doing a good job:

12. When the teacher asks a really difficult question so you decide to counter it with one of your own:

13. When your friend's trying to wind you up but you're too zen to rise to it:

14. When you've just lost your job but are still looking on the bright side of life:

15. When you make a hilarious joke but no one appreciates its many layers of nuance:

16. When you realise you've been watching the same show for seven straight hours and only left bed to piss:

17. When it's 6pm on Sunday and you start to think about the week ahead:

18. When you're so not in the mood for anyone else's joy:

19. When someone asks to speak to your manager: