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21 Things That Were Cool In 2006 But Definitely Aren't In 2016

Why are some people still wearing Crocs?

1. Low-rise jeans and thongs, aka whale tails.

2. This man and his hat.

3. Watching movies on your iPod Nano.

4. Three-quarter length/capri pants.

Are they shorts? Are they trousers? Either way, do not wear them ever.

5. Posing for all your profile pictures exactly like this.

6. Multicoloured metal braces.

7. Taking down the world's problems one wristband at a time.

8. Being ~liberal~ with the fake tan.

9. Constantly poking all your friends on Facebook.

10. Chunky zebra stripe highlights.

11. Inflatable furniture.

12. The Mentos and Coke experiment.

13. Jazzing up your regular outfits with an unnecessary school tie.

14. Really ~descriptive~ email addresses.

15. The Da Vinci Code.

16. Wearing Ugg boots outside.

17. Chuck Norris jokes.

18. Purity rings.

19. Zipping around everywhere on Heelys.

20. Hannah Montana.

21. Crocs.