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21 Things That Were Cool In 2006 But Definitely Aren't In 2016

Why are some people still wearing Crocs?

1. Low-rise jeans and thongs, aka whale tails.

Why did we ever do this? Why did this happen? Also if these are the whales' tails, then where are their heads?

2. This man and his hat.

Not that there's anything especially wrong with him, but we heard this song enough times in 2006 to last an entire lifetime.

3. Watching movies on your iPod Nano.

What is this, a movie for ants?

4. Three-quarter length/capri pants.

Carlo Allegri / Getty Images

Are they shorts? Are they trousers? Either way, do not wear them ever.

5. Posing for all your profile pictures exactly like this.

We have front-facing cameras now, which means there's no excuse not to realise when you look like a twat.

6. Multicoloured metal braces.

Back in the day, these made us actually want braces even when we didn't need them.

7. Taking down the world's problems one wristband at a time.

Isn't it great that all those rubber bracelets we bought mean that poverty, racism, and cancer don't exist anymore? Oh.

8. Being ~liberal~ with the fake tan.

Save this for when you land a part in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

9. Constantly poking all your friends on Facebook.

But lol it means sex so it's really funny right? No. There is nothing funny about unnecessary notifications in 2016.

10. Chunky zebra stripe highlights.

So. Stripy.

11. Inflatable furniture.

This used to be so cool. How did this used to be so cool?

12. The Mentos and Coke experiment.

It's all fun and games until someone gets smashed in the face with a flying bottle.

13. Jazzing up your regular outfits with an unnecessary school tie.


14. Really ~descriptive~ email addresses.


Not great for when you want a job.

15. The Da Vinci Code.

This briefly blew everyone's minds. And then we realised.

16. Wearing Ugg boots outside.

Twitter: @caliasandona

They were slippers in 2006, and they're still slippers in 2016.

17. Chuck Norris jokes.

So much less funny and so much more depressing when you realise most teenagers probably don't even know who Chuck Norris is.

18. Purity rings.

19. Zipping around everywhere on Heelys.

Add these to those pseudo hoverboards everyone's riding and it would pretty much mean the end of the world (or at least being able to walk safely on pavements).

20. Hannah Montana.


Getting today's Miley to do a show for children might not be the best idea tbh.

21. Crocs.

Please just don't.