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16 Things That Seem Normal At University But Are Actually Really Weird

Uni will have you doing the weirdest things, like setting an alarm for a 17-minute nap.

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1. Finding someone asleep under a desk in the library at 4am, using a pile of books for a pillow.

Twitter: @meghan_rsmall

IRL: "This drunk person has clearly got lost and broken in here, maybe I should call the police."

At uni: "Ah, a powernap, how sensible."


4. Doing a taste test for "things you can dunk in Nutella" at midnight on a Tuesday.

Twitter: @btwharrysgay

IRL: "I am going to spread this Nutella on toast like a normal person and then go to bed at a reasonable hour."

At uni: "I wonder what it tastes like with carrot?"

5. Casually eating an entire jar of Nutella with a spoon in front of Come Dine with Me.

Twitter: @_youstinahanna

IRL: "I am going to cook myself a nice meal out of ingredients I bought from a shop."

At uni: "Best. Dinner. Ever."

6. Drawing dicks and insults on all of your friends' clothes and then going on a night out.

Twitter: @ChrisGreen91

IRL: "What the fuck are you doing to my shirt, Michael, you total fucking dick?"

At uni: "Bar craaaaaaawl!"

7. Wearing pyjamas and a dressing gown in public.

Wth econ lecture!?! LOL RT @yin_karen O m g bananas in pyjamas came into my lecture

IRL: "Time to put my regular adult clothes on to go to my regular adult job."

At uni: "What's the point in putting clothes on for this lecture when I'm just going to sleep through it anyway?"


9. Spending Wednesday night and the early hours of Thursday morning very drunk and dressed up as a pencil.

IRL: "What you up to tonight, Dave?"

"Oh, nothing much, just putting my Crayola costume on and downing a cuntload of Jägerbombs. You know, the usual."

"You're 32 years old, what the fuck is wrong with you?"

At uni: "Sport social innit."

10. Having loads and loads of work to do, so watching cartoons all day and night and then starting at 3am.

IRL: "It's probably not acceptable for me to watch Frozen at work."

At uni: "Why would I work in the day? The day is for sleeping."

11. Seeing a bottle of vodka for £4 and thinking it is a good idea to buy it and drink all of it in one night.

12. Mixing cheap vodka with cheap squash, putting it in a mug, and calling it a cocktail.

IRL: "I'm going to go to the bar and have a proper drink."

At uni: "I am far too wasted to give a fuck how this tastes."

13. Seeing someone working in the library huddled up in a massive blanket they've clearly brought from home.

Twitter: @ohmy_KY

IRL: "What a fucking freak."

At uni: "What an actual living genius, I wish I was that person."

14. Staying up until 4am watching YouTube videos of cats being friends with turtles.

Eating grapes and watching YouTube videos at 3am because who needs sleep right?😅

IRL: *goes to bed at 10pm*

At uni: "OK just one more video."

15. Drinking eight cans of energy drink in the seven-hour period between 1-8am.

Twitter: @alecobob

IRL: "Any more than one can of this shit is probably going to give me a heart attack."

At uni: "Fuuuuuuuuuuck, have to finish this essay. I'm so tired but also so awake. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck."

16. Spending your entire Monday playing a ridiculously elaborate, made-up game with all of your flatmates.

IRL: "Eugh, Monday mornings are the absolute worst."

At uni: "Don't touch the floor, the floor is LAVA!"


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