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    17 Hot Men Who Really Want You To Vote In The Election

    They're more hung than our future parliament.

    1. This man might be wearing a blazer without a shirt, but he wants you to ignore that and think about democracy instead.

    Maxfrost / Getty Images

    2. This man was so keen to go out and vote this morning he forgot to put on any underwear. Let him inspire you.

    Curaphotography / Getty Images

    3. This guy's just spent eight hours shearing your hedges, the least you can do for him is go out and vote.

    Jupiterimages / Getty Images

    4. Think these are "come to bed" eyes? No way – they're "get down to the goddamn polling station and fulfil your electoral duty" eyes.

    Digital Vision. / Getty Images

    5. This guy really wants a better Scotland, but he also wants you to drop your slip into that ballot box and feel like you're part of something.

    Zlatko Kostic / Getty Images

    6. There's nothing like a long, relaxing bath after a hard day of drawing a small cross in a box. Just ask this guy.

    Jupiterimages / Getty Images

    7. This dude's just heard you're off down the polling station, and he's literally ~bulging~ with pride.

    Curaphotography / Getty Images

    8. This guy knows you could take a mean Instagram selfie together, but he also knows how important a healthy democratic society is.

    Michael Reh / Getty Images

    9. This guy just can't get enough of the British media's totally non-biased election coverage. If you vote, he'll let you borrow his paper.

    Tim Pannell / Getty Images

    10. "How about you stop mocking me for my poor breakfast choices and get down to the damn polling station" – this guy, just now.

    Wrangel / Getty Images

    11. Look how happy this guy is just ~thinking~ about you going out to vote.

    Felix Mizioznikov / Getty Images

    12. This guy is so totally pumped for you voting you don't even know it.

    Eyecandy Images / Getty Images

    13. Look at this silver fox. His interests are fishing, long walks in the countryside and democratically electing members of the British parliament.

    Ipggutenbergukltd / Getty Images

    14. This guy is literally sprinting over giant boulders he's so excited to go out and vote. He can't understand why you aren't too.

    Thinkstock / Getty Images

    15. "If you don't vote, you can't use my towel" – this unreasonably beautiful man.

    M-imagephotography / Getty Images

    16. This man is wet with anticipation for you helping to shape the future of this country. He also has a nice beard.

    Alessandroguerriero / Getty Images

    17. And if this smouldering look doesn't ignite a fire in your voting loins, well, maybe nothing will.

    Art-of-photo / Getty Images

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