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Posted on Sep 2, 2015

24 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Real Life

Life, man, life. H/T r/me_irl.

1. Life is this guy's tablecloth trick:

2. And this workout:

3. It is this girl's bicycle ride:

4. This proud family:

5. And this ice cream scoop:

6. Life is this hot sex move:

7. This shopping trip:

8. And this toilet trip:

9. It is this new year at uni:

10. This hot date:

11. And this even hotter one:

12. Life is this text from your mum:

13. And this rainy day:

14. Life is this food order:

15. Life is this supermarket aisle:

16. And life is this well-formed plan:

17. Life is this perfect crime:

18. This helpful suggestion:

19. This homecoming proposal:

20. And this cockatoo:

21. It is this burgeoning romance:

22. This snapshot:

23. And this triumphant ascent:

24. But more than anything else, life is this person's day:

Life, man, life.

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