73 Thoughts Everyone Who Works In An Office Has During Summer

    The missing-out-on-the-sun guilt is so real.

    1. Oh wow, it's such a nice day. I can't wait to spend it SITTING INDOORS IN MY TERRIBLE OFFICE.


    3. At least I'll get a tiny bit of sun while I walk to get my train.

    4. A solid five minutes of 8am tanning.

    5. Jesus, it's already so warm.

    6. The train is going to be hell.

    7. I was wrong, this train is worse than hell.

    8. You don't have to deal with a sweaty man's armpit waving about in your face in hell.

    9. Probably.

    10. Oh my god, it's so hot I think I'm actually going to die.

    11. I'm so sweaty I look like I've travelled to work in a bath.

    12. Ah, nice cool office. This doesn't seem so bad right now.

    13. Except now I have to work.

    14. Fuck it, this is bad, I want to go outside.

    15. Loads of my friends are off work today too.

    16. Because of course they are.

    17. And of course they're organising their fun plans in our Facebook group so I can't help but see what they're doing.

    18. It's not even lunchtime and I bet they're already drunk.

    19. Ooh, maybe I'll spend my lunchbreak sitting in a park.

    20. That'll definitely help make up for being at work.

    21. I could get an ice lolly.

    22. I fucking love ice lollies.

    23. It's getting pretty toasty in the office now.

    24. Well done me for choosing a shirt colour that doesn't show sweat stains today.

    25. NOT.

    26. OK, right, it's almost lunchtime.

    27. I'm almost free, at least for a tiny bit.

    28. It must be like, 30°C outside, this is going to be glorious.

    29. Wait, why's my boss coming over?

    30. He's heading straight for me.

    31. Don't give me more work to do.

    32. NOOOOO.



    35. Why me? :(

    36. I will be trapped in this shitty, boiling hot little cave forever.

    37. It won't be anywhere near as warm when I finally get out.

    38. I bet it'll be cloudy.

    39. Maybe I'll text my friends and see if they're still going to be out when I'm finished.

    40. No one is replying.

    41. Obviously, because they're all outside having fun.

    42. And I'm stuck in here, trying to pretend to my boss that I haven't been on Facebook all day.

    43. I really hope this weather holds out until the weekend.

    44. It won't, because the world hates me, but it'd be nice if it did.

    45. Maybe I'll send my friends a Facebook message.

    46. Better send a WhatsApp too, just to be safe.

    47. Don't want to miss out on my five minutes of fun before the sun goes down.

    48. It's not fair, I feel so guilty for not being outside.

    49. Even though there is literally nothing I can do about it.

    50. Other than bunk off work.

    51. But then I would have felt really guilty about not going to work.

    52. Also, bunking off on a sunny day is super obvious and no one would be that stupid.

    53. I'd get fired.

    54. Which would give me lots of time to lie in the sun…

    55. ...but also, I would have been fired.

    56. Right, only an hour left of work, and I've done nothing except wish I wasn't here.

    57. Ooh, one of my friends has texted me back!

    58. They're still in the park!

    59. That is a very drunk-looking text.

    60. What ice cream should I buy later?

    61. I haven't had a Calippo in years.

    62. Or a Twister.

    63. Ice cream is the best and definitely an acceptable food for adults.

    64. 4.48pm…

    65. 4.56pm…

    66. 4.59pm…

    67. FREEDOM!

    68. Actually, best wait like one minute, don't want to look too eager to leave.

    69. Park here I come!

    70. Wait, where has the sun gone?

    71. What the fuck are those clouds doing there?

    72. Why do bad things always happen to good people?

    73. Oh well, that's summer over.