Here Are Some Of The Most Incredible Student Houses You Can Actually Rent In The UK

    These are probably nicer than anywhere most of us will ever get to live.

    1. Sherwood Avenue, Manchester. Eight bedrooms, £99 per person per week.

    Including a monstrous sofa and flatscreen TVs in every bedroom, to make it even harder to ever get any work done.

    2. Hyde Park Road, Leeds. Eight bedrooms, £115pppw.

    Also with flatscreen TVs in every room, and FOUR bathrooms. Four.

    3. Crossgate Path, Durham. Seven bedrooms, £116pppw.

    Double ovens!

    4. Pennsylvania Road, Exeter. Seven bedrooms, £132pppw.

    Comes with a big open-plan living area and a garden everyone can argue about mowing.

    5. Gray's Inn Road, London. Four bedrooms, £225pppw.

    This four-story house has a garden and is walking distance from King's Cross station.

    6. Summit House, Cardiff. Studio flats, from £167.50pw.

    These private studio flats also have a shared cinema, because what student ever leaves the house unless they absolutely have to?

    7. Waverley Road, Bristol. Eight bedrooms, £130pppw.

    This looks like the sort of house you would be very very happy to live in when you're 50.

    8. Bagot Street, Liverpool. Seven bedrooms, £99pppw.

    Beams <3

    9. Gateway Apartments, Edinburgh. Studio flats, from £158.50pw.

    Comes with a shared gym on site.

    10. Waterloo Road, Nottingham. Seven bedrooms, £115pppw.

    Another home that comes with TVs in every room, and more importantly for students, fibre broadband.

    11. Brook Studios, Birmingham. Studio flats, from £148.50pw.

    Also with a shared gym on site.

    12. Mansion Bloomsbury, London. Studio flats, from £229pw.

    Yep somehow these flats are for students, not millionaires.