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27 Things Everyone Who Went To Private School Will Remember

The two best words in the English language = summer dress.

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3. You trod the very fine line between your tie being just short enough to look cool but just long enough to not get you in trouble.

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Also, getting constant nags of "tuck your shirt in!" from teachers as you walked around school – because people got told off for uniform violations more than anything else.


5. And then as soon as it did, it would rain constantly.

Girls at my school when it starts raining

You'd have to decide between looking cool in summer dress or being sensible and getting your blazer back out of the cupboard.

8. There was always one house that would somehow win all the sports events, every year.

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It never made any sense how all the sporty kids could end up in the same house every year even though it was supposed to be random.


13. Which felt especially unfair, as you also had to go into school on bank holidays.

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Your school might have blamed it on the boarders having nothing to do otherwise, but we don't think they would have complained.


16. Wednesday afternoons were reserved for sports matches, and if you were playing, you'd try to get away with wearing your kit all morning too.

18. New kids were always an absolutely massive deal.

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Because your year was so small everyone knew each other really well, and everyone would try to suss the new kid out to see if they were worth trying to recruit for their clique.


21. And then when your parents found out, they would remind you too.

On the flip side, whenever the school bought something expensive but totally useless, you'd say: "Oh, so that's where all out money's going then."

23. Getting a dead bum from sitting on rock-hard chapel benches (if you didn't manage to skip it).

(Chances are, every time you did try to skip it, a teacher would walk round the corner and catch you.)


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