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    45 Things That Would Happen If Jim Halpert Were Your Boyfriend

    "Are you free for dinner tonight?"

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    1. If Jim were your boyfriend, you'd start out just as friends, even if you both knew there was something more.

    2. You would joke around constantly, and the moments you spent with him would brighten up your day.

    3. Secretly, he would care about you much more than he cared about any of his other friends.

    4. But he would never put any pressure on you, because Jim doesn't mind waiting for the things that matter most to him.

    5. When the time came, he would be 100% honest about his feelings, and never play stupid games.

    6. He would ask you out for the first time in a really nonchalant way, when you totally weren't expecting it.


    7. If Jim were your boyfriend, he would buy you an engagement ring the week after you started dating, because he just knows.

    8. If you weren't enjoying a party, he would steal a bunch of pizza and take you for a romantic mini-date on the roof.

    9. He would always believe in you and your abilities, even when you didn't.

    10. And he would support you in your career decisions, even if it meant he might not get to see you as much.

    11. If you were hungover, he would cook you breakfast and bring you snacks, even if he was hungover too.

    12. He would give you air high fives every time you achieved something, even if it was tiny, so you knew he was proud of you.


    13. Jim would come to your office and take you out for surprise lunches every couple of weeks, which would cheer you up for the rest of the afternoon.

    14. If you were craving your favourite snack, he would find you your favourite snack – even if it took all day.

    15. At first he wouldn't be a great cook, but he would work really hard to learn so that he could treat and impress you.

    16. One day, you would come home from a long day at work, and he'd have prepared your favourite meal. It might not be completely perfect, but it would be made with love.

    17. He would also make you his famous grilled cheese sandwich.

    18. He would put you before his job, always. Actually, he'd put you before everything else in his life.


    19. If Jim were your boyfriend, he would surprise you with a puppy.

    20. He would call you by your last name when he got excited, or if you did something awesome.

    21. He'd get into all your favourite TV shows, so that you could relive them through him.

    22. And if you were watching a show together, he would never watch an episode without you.

    23. He would go shopping with you, and stand by the changing rooms when you were trying things on to help you pick the best outfits.

    24. Sometimes you would skive off work together to go on a little adventure – or just to watch Netflix in bed.

    25. You'd fall asleep on his shoulder in the cinema, and he'd smile down at you, before staying totally still for the rest of the film so he didn't wake you up.


    26. If Jim were your boyfriend he would play stupid practical jokes on you all the time, but it would be fine because they'd be adorable.

    27. You'd also team up to play practical jokes on other people, and you'd realise he was only really doing it to make you smile.

    28. If you ever had to spend time apart, he would call you every night before bed, so you knew he was thinking of you.

    29. He might even spend all day talking to you through a mini Bluetooth headset.

    30. He would make an effort with all of your friends, and they would become his friends, too.

    31. But he would still be the master of leaving parties early.

    32. He would call you a dork constantly.


    33. Jim would always share his earphones with you on long journeys.

    34. He would always tell you if the mixed berry yoghurt you were about to eat had expired.

    35. Your parents would adore him. They would probably love him more than they love you.

    36. They would ask about him every time they called, and probably sometimes just call him directly.

    37. He would brief you on everything his parents liked and disliked before you met them, so that you were calm and could make a great impression.

    38. And he would never let you take any shit from his brothers, even though standing up for you would just get him bullied more.

    39. And when the day came, he would propose to you somewhere that should make it the worst proposal ever, and yet somehow it would be perfect.


    40. He would have three plans for your wedding (the first one was marrying you a long, long time ago).

    41. He would always make you the most perfect and personal gifts, which you could tell he'd been thinking about for months.

    42. He would throw you a surprise birthday party – nothing too big and intimidating, but something really personal to you, including all your little quirks and your closest friends.

    43. He'd buy you a house totally out of the blue, and he'd know you so well that you would love every last detail of it.

    44. If Jim were your boyfriend, you would always be looked after, protected, loved, and adored.

    45. Basically, if Jim were your boyfriend, your life would be perfect, and the fact that he is fictional kills you every day.

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