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    19 Questions You Should Never Ask A Man With A Beard

    "Have you always had a beard?" Yep, ever since I was a baby...

    1. Is your face not really itchy all the time?

    2. Would you look really young if you shaved it off?

    3. Have you always had a beard?

    4. Why is it so ginger?

    5. Do you remember what your face looks like?

    6. Can I touch it?

    7. How do you trim it?

    8. How do you get your beard to grow like that? Mine always goes patchy.

    9. Does it not give people a rash when they kiss you?

    10. Can you stick a pencil in it?

    11. Don't you get food stuck in it?

    12. Do you get jealous when you see someone with a better beard than you?

    13. Do you feel more manly because of it?

    14. Do you get more sex because of it?

    15. Why aren't your beard and your hair the same colour?

    16. Does your face not get really warm in summer?

    17. Are you going to shave everything but the moustache for Movember?

    18. Wouldn't you be better looking if you shaved?

    19. So, are you a hipster then?