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28 "New Girl" Quotes Guaranteed To Make You Laugh Every Time

"Winston, if you think those shoes are brown, what colour do you think you are?"

1. When Schmidt was very revealing about his childhood.

2. When we found out Winston was colour blind.

3. When Nick went all Disney.

4. When Jess made this compelling point.

5. When Schmidt helped lighten the mood.

6. When Jess invented a new kind of penis.

7. And Nick invented a new kind of friend.

8. When Schmidt made the best pun on his name.

9. And when he lamented the state of things.

10. When Winston proved his sanity.

11. When Schmidt was missing a very important pair of shoes.

12. When Nick felt out of place.

13. And when he found treasure.

14. When Jess was feeling fragile.

15. When Winston continued to be deluded about pranks.

16. When Schmidt let it all out.

17. When Winston was puzzling.

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18. And when he was being bad.

19. When Schmidt set the royal family in his sights.

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20. When he got confused about religion.

21. And when he got all hot under the collar.

22. When Winston gave his take on Black Friday.

23. When Nick had questionable dress sense.

24. When it was Schmidt vs Schmidt.

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25. When Nick made the case against cutlery.

26. When Jess predicted her future.

27. When Winston nailed his job interview.

28. And when Jess and Nick shared their secrets.