How Totally Obsessed With Nutella Are You?

Would you dip carrots in it? What about put it on pizza?

  1. Tick all the things you have eaten/would eat:
    1. Nutella on toast
    2. Nutella sandwich
    1. Nutella and banana sandwich
    2. Nutella pancakes
    1. Nutella waffles
    2. Nutella straight from the jar
    1. Nutella ice cream
    2. Deep-fried Nutella
    1. Nutella brownies
    2. Nutella churros
    1. Nutella on cereal
    2. Nutella and bacon sandwich
    1. Nutella and carrots
    2. Sweet potato and Nutella mash
    1. Nutella on lettuce
    2. Grilled cheese and Nutella
    1. Nutella burger
    2. Nutella pizza
    1. Nutella and cucumber crackers
    2. Nutella hotdog
    1. Nutella, Hula Hoop, lettuce, and chocolate finger sandwich
    2. Nutella sushi
    1. Nutella, jalepeño, and Cheez-it burrito
    2. Nutella pasta shapes
    1. Nutella spaghetti
    2. Nutella tagliatelle with mixed berries
    1. Nutella and ham sandwich
    2. Beef and Nutella stew with rice
    1. Nutella and crisps
    2. Nutella and French fries with ice cream
    1. Nutella chicken
    2. Nutella couscous
    1. Tofu and Nutella curry
    2. Nutella and tomato waffle
    1. Nutella on steak with potatoes
    2. Nutella off a nipple

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