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26 Real, Relentless, And Eternal Struggles Of #GrowingUpWithSiblings

It wasn't a real car journey if it didn't start with a fight over the front seat.

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1. The morning rush:

when u say ur gonna go take a shower and ur sibling says "no i'm gonna shower first" #GrowingUpWithSiblings

2. The battle for food:

#GrowingUpWithSiblings when you put food in the fridge for yourself but the next day it's gone because they ate it


#GrowingUpWithSiblings You could never enjoy anything by yourself!!! 😂

4. TV time:

We've all done this at least once 😂 #GrowingUpWithSiblings


#GrowingUpWithSiblings taking the TV remote in the kitchen with you while you get food so that they can't turn the channel.


#GrowingUpWithSiblings pointing to all the ugly characters in a movie and saying "that's you" the whole movie

7. Every car journey:

#GrowingUpWithSiblings fighting over the front seat 😂

8. Lucky escapes:

#GrowingUpWithSiblings when you've done something wrong but you sibling gets the blame for it


#GrowingUpWithSiblings trying to make them stop crying before you get in trouble "Shhh.. bruh you can hit me back" 😂

10. Parent politics:

When u tell ur sibling to go ask mom/dad for something but they mention ur name when asking #GrowingUpWithSiblings 😂


#GrowingUpWithSiblings: "I won't tell on you if you won't tell on me."

12. Holding all the power:

what siblings are really for #GrowingUpWithSiblings

13. Face recognition:

#GrowingUpWithSiblings when someone says that u look alike so u look at each other like

14. Fight club:

#GrowingUpWithSiblings hitting them back after they hit you first, and you end up get yelled at


#GrowingUpWithSiblings "hey let me try that on you. I won't do it for real"


When you're in public vs. When you're at home. #GrowingUpWithSiblings

17. Bedtime banter:

#GrowingUpWithSiblings Midnight talk be like " Hey " " What " " Are you asleep ? " " No" " Ok" " You ? " " No " " Ok"

18. This rush of panic:

#GrowingUpWithSiblings Going through their stuff and hearing them coming up the stairs

19. Loss of identity:

#GrowingUpWithSiblings getting called by the wrong name and they still expect you to answer.


#GrowingUpWithSiblings when you're the youngest and referred to as "oh, you're _____ little sister"

21. Smug life:

When you hear them getting yelled at after they've done something to piss you off #GrowingUpWithSiblings


#GrowingUpWithSiblings when your mom buys you something and tells you not to tell your siblings

23. Cleaning up:

#GrowingUpWithSiblings there's always an argument over who cleans the most and who's the laziest


#GrowingUpWithSiblings having to wash the dishes and they come put some more in the sink even tho you're almost done

25. The very best insult:

#GrowingUpWithSiblings always being told, "you're adopted"

26. And this constant truth:

#GrowingUpWithSiblings there's no in between