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Every Major "Game Of Thrones" Death So Far, Ranked By Sadness

All men must cry.

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For everyone else, this is a list of all the major characters who have died over these five and a half seasons, ranked by how much those deaths broke our hearts. Unsurprisingly, there are quite a lot of them, because this show is fucking evil. Sorry in advance for making you cry.


45. Ser Meryn Trant


Manner of death: Stabbed to fuck by Arya Stark.

Meryn, you were a massive dickhead, and watching you get repeatedly stabbed in the eyes by Arya was one of the most satisfying moments of this goddamn show. You will not be missed.

43. Viserys Targaryen


Manner of death: Burnt with a molten gold crown by Khal Drogo.

The only crown this deluded coward deserved. There have been so many bad people in this show since his death that it's kinda easy to forget just how evil Viserys was to Daenerys. Who's laughing now?


38. Lysa Arryn


Manner of death: Pushed through the moon door by Littlefinger.

So yeah, your new husband telling you that he's only ever loved your sister and then pushing you hundreds of feet to your death kinda sucks, but also she was really annoying.


36. The Three-Eyed Raven


Manner of death: Killed by the Night's King's blade.

Deserved to die purely because he stopped us getting to see what was inside the GODDAMN TOWER OF JOY. Also he was like a thousand years old so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

35. Hizdahr zo Loraq


Manner of death: Stabbed repeatedly by Sons of the Harpy.

He tried to save Daenerys from the Sons of the Harpy at Daznak's Pit, but we still weren't all that bothered to see him go tbh.

34. Joffrey Baratheon


Manner of death: Poisoned by Olenna Tyrell at his own wedding feast lol.

Joffrey is actually quite far down this list for someone as universally hated as he was, but as much as he was a little dick, he was a damn good villain.

33. Pypar


Manner of death: Shot with an arrow by Ygritte at the Battle of Castle Black.

He started out as a bit of a twat, but then he became mates with Jon and Sam, and we were actually pretty sad when he died in Sam's arms.

32. Jeor Mormont


Manner of death: Betrayed and stabbed in the chest by Rast.

Takes Jon under his wing at Castle Black, gives him Longclaw, and forgave him when he tried to join Robb's army after Ned's death – Jeor was a pretty good egg.


30. Roose Bolton


Manner of death: Stabbed in the chest by his awful, awful son.

We kinda feel a bit of sympathy for Roose after Ramsay kills him, because compared to Ramsay he's a pretty decent bloke. This picture reminds us why we shouldn't, though.

29. Maester Luwin


Manner of death: Asks Osha to kill him after being stabbed by Dagmer.

A proud servant of the Starks, and basically a surrogate dad to Bran and Rickon. RIP, Maester Luwin.

28. Robert Baratheon


Manner of death: Mauled by a boar while hunting (masterminded by Cersei obvs).

Let's be honest: Robert was a pretty shitty king. OK fine, a very shitty king. This doesn't mean we didn't like him though.

27. Renly Baratheon


Manner of death: Killed by a shadow creature that Melisandre gives birth to.

One of the first instances of "Oh fuck there's some pretty crazy magic shit in this show." Probably would have made a better king than Robert, but not as good as Stannis.


26. Stannis Baratheon


Manner of death: Beheaded by Brienne after the battle of Winterfell.

Stannis the mannis wasn't exactly a cheery fellow, and he did some pretty bad shit *cough* Shireen *cough*, but we'd kinda got used to him being around, you know?

25. Grenn


Manner of death: Killed by a giant at the Battle of Castle Black (pretty badass tbh).

There's no shame in being killed by a giant, especially when you take the giant down with you. You were one of the good ones, Grenn.

24. Tywin Lannister


Manner of death: Shot with a crossbow with Tyrion while on the toilet. Jfc.

Tywin was a fucking asshole, but he was also awesome and such a good villain that we miss him quite a lot. It was basically him or Tyrion though, so it had to end like this.

21. Jojen Reed


Manner of death: Stabbed repeatedly in the chest by a wight, mercy-killed by his sister Meera, and then blown up by a child of the forest.

Holy shit that death tho. RIP little kid from Love Actually.

20. Ser Barristan Selmy


Manner of death: Killed by Sons of the Harpy.

There was something really sad about how Ser Barristan died fighting alongside Grey Worm. Also, that moment when he drew his sword on the other Kingsguard back in Season 1 was pretty badass.

19. Syrio Forel


Manner of death: Killed by Ser Meryn Trant (probably).

OK so we didn't actually see Syrio die, which means some of us are clinging onto the idea he might actually be Jaqen H'hgar (he is from Braavos after all). What do we say to the god of death? Not today.

18. Shaggydog


Manner of death: Killed by the Umbers to prove they had captured Rickon for Ramsay Bolton.

OK so there's also a (pretty unlikely) theory that Shaggydog isn't dead either, and I'm fine with believing that because fuck this show killing direwolves.

17. Selyse Baratheon


Manner of death: Hanged herself after Shireen's sacrifice.

This whole episode was just so fucking sad and if Selyse hadn't been totally down with her daughter's sacrifice until THE LAST GODDAMN MINUTE she'd probably be further down this list tbh.

13. Grey Wind


Manner of death: Shot by Frey archers at the Red Wedding.

And then they stitched his head onto Robb's body and paraded them around. Seriously, fuck this fucking show.

12. Mance Rayder


Manner of death: Mercy killed by Jon Snow while Melisandre was trying to burn him alive.

Considering Mance was grumpy, stubborn, and never exactly the most pleasant of men, this death hurt a surprising amount. It was difficult watching someone so strong look so afraid.

11. Shae


Manner of death: Strangled with a chain by Tyrion.

OK so she betrays Tyrion, sleeps with his dad, and then also tries to kill him, but this doesn't stop her death being really, really sad. They really did care about each other at some point, and probably even still did at the very end.

10. Khal Drogo


Manner of death: Smothered by Daenerys out of mercy.

Sometimes I imagine a world where Daenerys and Drogo rule the Seven Kingdoms together and I feel sad all over again. The ultimate Game of Thrones power couple.

9. Ned Stark


Manner of death: Beheaded by Ser Illyn Payne on Joffrey's orders.

This was so long ago we kind of forget how badly it sucked, and how much worse it was made by Sansa and Arya having to watch. Also: HE WHO PASSES THE SENTENCE SHOULD SWING THE SWORD, JOFFREY.

8. Oberyn Martell


Manner of death: Skull crushed by The Mountain.

Oberyn's death was basically a metaphor for this entire show. Everything seems like it might actually go well for once, and then things turn worse than you could ever have imagined. Remember the look on Tyrion and Ellaria's faces when it happened...

6. Talisa Stark


Manner of death: Stabbed repeatedly in the stomach by Lothar Frey.

Talisa was stabbed in her pregnant stomach as her husband watched helplessly. They lost both their own lives and their baby too. It was all too much...and yet for some reason we carried on watching this show.

5. Catelyn Stark


Manner of death: Throat cut by Black Walder Rivers at the Red Wedding.

Catelyn was such an underrated character and the fact that she killed Walder's wife before her own death is proof of how great and strong she was. RIP.

4. Ygritte


Manner of death: Shot with an arrow by Olly at the Battle of Castle Black.

Her emotional last words, her dying in his arms, Jon crying as he burnt her body beyond the wall... They should have stayed in the cave forever. THEY SHOULD HAVE STAYED IN THE CAVE FOREVER. 😭😭😭

3. Robb Stark


Manner of death: Stabbed in the heart by Roose Bolton.

Worse than Catelyn's death only because Catelyn had to watch him die, and her screams told us that she basically died in that moment too. The North remembers.

1. Hodor


Manner of death: Holding the door shut against an army of wights to allow Bran and Meera to escape – something his entire life and identity up until this point had been built around, and the reason he could only say "Hodor".

You held that damn door, Wylis. You held it good.


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