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19 Pictures That Prove Drunk You Is An Actual Genius

Thanks, drunk me.

1. Drunk you is a creative problem solver.

2. And is probably cleverer than sober you.

3. Drunk you is the best at ordering pizza.

4. Especially when it's a surprise for hungover you.

5. It might not always be pizza, but drunk you is always looking out for you.

6. Because drunk you really cares.

7. Drunk you knows the importance of being comfy.

8. And is there to make sure you don't fuck up your life.

9. Drunk you writes a great to-do list.

Thanks, drunk me for making a to do list for today....

10. And an even better shopping list.

11. Drunk you is inventive in the kitchen – in a good way.

Drunk me decided to make some sort of pizza fries.. I'm not even mad

12. Drunk you has a great sense of humour.

13. And wants to make sure you don't get caught with your pants down.

14. Drunk you is all for hands-free technology.

15. Drunk you is great at online shopping.

16. Like, really, really great at it.

17. Drunk you always has the ability to give you a nice suprise.

18. And is totally dedicated to protecting your prized possessions.

Responsible drinking at its finest. "Thank you drunk me"

19. But more than anything, drunk you knows what hungover you needs most.