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    18 Things You Really, Really Shouldn't Do

    Don't do it. Don't.

    1. This button doesn't work, so there's no point in you pressing it.

    2. You can press the top two if you really need to, but you can't press the black one. No matter what.

    3. Don't try and take that block there, you won't be able to. You won't.

    Twitter: @kateleth / BuzzFeed

    4. Don't even think about looking behind this door.

    5. And don't open this one either. You've been TOLD not to.

    6. Chaos defrost? You really shouldn't do that.

    7. This is not your bag. Do not touch this person's bag.

    8. Do NOT write your name in this concrete. Don't draw a dick either. Or even a hand print.

    9. Don't touch the plate, it's hot.

    10. This paint might have dried, but there's no need for you to find out.

    11. If you lick this, your tongue will get stuck. Seriously.

    12. Don't lick this ice sculpture either. Don't do it.

    13. Do not look inside this box. Not even a peek through that flap at the side.

    14. You know exactly what will happen if you put your finger in this, so just don't do it.

    15. Read the sign: Don't touch this door.

    16. Don't put your finger through this hole, you know it's not big enough.

    17. Don't. Just don't.

    18. And whatever you do, do not click on this, because it is a picture of a lady buttchugging some cough syrup.

    Twitter: @freakmommy

    We literally warned you.

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