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21 Signs You're In An Unstoppable Bromance

True male friendship = when you've seen each other's dicks.

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1. You have adorable nicknames for each other.

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2. You know every single detail of each other's sexual history.

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Told your mate about that time you just couldn't get it up? Expect it to be brought up at least once at every social situation you will ever be in for the rest of your damn life.

3. You have so many in-jokes that most of the time, no one else has a clue what you're on about.

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4. You spend about 90% of the time taking the piss out of each other.

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5. And if one of you gets into a relationship, expect to be teased like you're 12 years old.

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6. You never buy each other proper birthday presents – a pint will do just fine.

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7. Your friendship is never tested more than when you're playing FIFA.

"That's fucking bullshit!" – You, about six times per game.

8. Although you're stupidly competitive about pretty much everything.

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Who's taller. Who's getting the most sex. Who owns more pairs of navy blue socks...

9. You've invented at least one ridiculous game together, and it probably involves drinking.

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10. If one of you gets into a fight, the other will be there to (try to) help.

11. You've seen each other's dicks.

The true test of any male friendship.

12. But not as much as you've seen each other's balls.

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13. You show your love in the most affectionate of ways.

14. You've shared a bed far more often than is actually necessary.

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Sometimes you just need the feeling of another man's head on your chest, alright?

15. You have so much dirt on each other that you could end each other's careers in an instant.

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16. You are each other's wingman. On your own you're nothing.

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17. You share some important traditions which will stay with you until death.

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Nando's Tuesdays are sacred, OK?

18. You gossip all the goddamn time.

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Girls get called bitches, but you two are so much worse.

19. When you're together, you're basically an unstoppable comedy duo.

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20. The only time you share your true feelings for each other might be when you're absolutely wasted.

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"I fucking love you man, you know that right? You're my best fucking friend."

21. But that's fine – because you've always known anyway.

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