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16 Things That Were Cool In 2006 That Need To Make A Comeback In 2016

Chris Pratt needs to get naked again.

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2. Proper camera selfies.

Prediction that these will actually become ironically cool again after there's a backlash to front camera selfies.


5. The O.C. (and also naked Chris Pratt).

Warner Bros

One thing we've lacked in 2015, and pretty much since the '00s really, are really good teen dramas. Also Chris Pratt would look even better in the nude now then he did back then.


9. Pop punk being mainstream and everywhere.

Pop punk will ~nEveR diE~, but we do miss it being all over the radio, and having Blink-182, Green Day, and Sum 41 release great new music all the time. It's time we put pop punk back where it belongs.

11. Pokémon games on Game Boy Colour.

These games already made their first comeback around 2006, but it's time they came back again. They should make a brand new Pokémon game, but only with the original 151, and only released on Game Boy Colour so we can all play it on our old consoles.