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    Posted on Mar 2, 2016

    21 Things You'll Just Get If You've Ever Lived In Taunton

    Life? Shout? Bliss? Khode? I don't even know any more.

    1. If someone doesn't know where Taunton is, you just have to tell them it's "kind of near Bristol".

    Google Maps / BuzzFeed

    Or about halfway between Bristol and Exeter if you want to be a bit more precise.

    2. Most people who have heard of Taunton but have never been assume that it's much nicer than it actually is.

    Because there are some really nice bits, and it's in the West Country, which everyone always thinks is entirely beautiful.

    3. But in reality it's neither great nor shit, just kind of ~in between~.

    For every Castle Hotel, there's a Naval and Military pub.

    4. Perkin is always the busiest place in town on Friday and Saturday nights, and it gets extremely grim.

    Mostly because it's massive and cheap AF.

    5. So if you want something more civilised, you normally have to go and spend a load of money in Pitcher & Piano or Cosy Club.

    6. This nightclub seems to change its name every single year, and yet it's always just as shit.

    Google Maps / BuzzFeed

    How were the floors always ~that~ sticky?

    7. And this one is always just known as "Dellers", even though it hasn't been called that for years.

    Google Maps

    Zinc? Wut??

    8. The Wickes roundabout felt like the most terrifying thing in the world when you were learning to drive.

    Google Maps / BuzzFeed

    The first time you tackled it was a momentous occasion.

    9. You still get a tiny bit excited when Taunton comes up on the weather map on BBC News.


    10. If you were lucky, you might have been a kid when Fun4Kidz* still existed.

    It was the most fun ever. Then it became Tommy Taylor's, which was still awesome and had a death slide, but now it's just a boring bathroom shop or something 😞.

    *Turns out there are no photos of Fun4Kidz on the internet, because the world hates joy, but it looked a little bit like this picture, except it seemed much bigger and was more yellow.

    11. All of your birthday parties were probably at the Odeon, Hollywood Bowl, or both.

    Followed by a McDonald's, which sat conveniently between the two.

    12. The Taunton pools were boring, so if you wanted real fun you'd ask your mum to drive you out to Sedgemoor Splash.

    Ken Grainger /

    It had rapids, slides, AND a wave machine. Devastatingly, it closed down in 2010 😞 RIP.

    13. You've probably been to the Brewhouse theatre at least once.

    Probably to see something quite bad.

    14. And you might have been for a boozy day out watching Somerset play cricket at the County Ground.

    Twitter: @wheelybarrow

    "Somerrrrset, la la la, Somerrrrset, la la la..."

    15. You knew Taunton was going up in the world when Nando's opened up.

    16. The name of this college will always be hilarious.

    Somerset College of Art and Technology lol.

    17. You don't have to go far outside the town to get stuck behind a roadblock like this.

    18. Vivary Park is the best place to hang out in summer, and probably the best part of all of Taunton.

    It might have got a bit sketchy at night, but the little train you could ride around on as a kid was incredible.

    19. Bath Place always stinks of fish.

    Thanks to that one extremely pungent fishmongers. It is also the home of Krackers, Taunton's haven for geeky kids.

    20. East Reach on a Friday evening is always a total nightmare for traffic.

    Twitter: @TauntonsToneFM

    Actually, traffic in Taunton is pretty terrible in general.

    21. Even though Taunton isn't as cool as Bristol or as interesting as Exeter, it's still not bad, and you kinda love it anyway.

    Nick Chipchase / Getty

    It's your home, and no one else can insult it but you.

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