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34 Cat Reactions That Perfectly Sum Up Being A Student

The tutor's about to ask a question? *hides under bed*

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1. When none of your housemates thank you for doing the washing up.

2. When your loan finally comes in.

3. When your housemates are so worried about your Domino's addiction that they stage an intervention.

4. When you make your best mate go for a tactical before even going out.

5. When the last thing you remember is running topless down the street with two bottles of value white wine.

6. When you're hungover AF but have to power through

7. When there's a total hottie in your new seminar group.

8. When your housemate gets an awful new boyfriend.

9. When your crush walks into the library and you haven't washed in days.

10. When they look nothing like they did in the club last night.

11. When you're crashing at a friend's house and have to top and tail.

12. When you and bae get matching outfits for the summer ball.

13. When you turn up at the club with your hot mate.

14. When the deadline's in an hour and you still have a thousand words to write.

15. When at least you made it home last night.

16. When you see the new intake of first year kids.

17. When you try to make an important point in a seminar but end up looking like an idiot.

18. When you drag your useless body all the way to campus only to find out the lecture got cancelled last night and you forgot to check your goddamn emails.

19. When the night out is over and there's only one thing on your mind.

20. When you've spent all night in the library but your work is still garbage.

21. When you catch your housemate trying to steal your food.

22. And when your housemate catches you stealing theirs.

23. When you show up at a lecture in last night's face paint and just DGAF.

24. When your housemate finds out you pee in the shower.

25. When you decide to eat dinner in bed.

26. When you spent your last £2 on a pint of shitty lager and can't afford to buy food.

27. When your friend asks how long you've been watching Netflix for.

28. When you walk in on two of your flatmates doing it.

29. When your tutor's about to ask a question and you haven't done the reading.

30. When your friend realises what you drew on his face.

31. When you forget your room key again.

32. When someone asks how you did in your essay.

33. When you have a 9am lecture but you only got in two hours ago and are waiting quietly for death.

34. When you haven't cleaned the flat in months.