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21 Times British People Confused The Hell Out Of Everyone On Twitter

Yes lads = hi.

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1. On polo:

Why do British people play baseball on horses?

2. On astrology:

i don't understand british people but I still love them

3. On weird traditions:

Why do British people think it's fun to roll cheese down a hill and chase it

4. On politeness:

That weird British thing where people don't have the guts to eat the last crisp.

5. On sinks:

Someone answer me this, why do British people put a plastic tub in the kitchen sink?

6. And on sinks again:

Why do British people have this?! Why 2 water taps? Either freezing cold or hot as hell?! Why @lindashoare

7. On text kisses:

Why do British people do this?😂

why do British people put "x" after they text or tweet? is it a face? a punctuation? am I suppose to solve for x?

8. On "cheers":

Why do British people say "jizz" when they hold up their glasses together in celebration?

9. On being top lads:

why do british people use the term "legend" so loosely

Why are british people obsessed with the word "banter"

10. On cheeky Nando's:

English lad explains to an American what a 'cheeky Nando's' is; possibly the only time I've been proud to be British.

11. On posh people:

Why do British people say "raah" are u all dinosaurs

12. On childhood favourites:

13. On #PigGate:

Why are British people going on about pigs? What the fuck is going on? #Hameron #PigGate

14. On greetings:

15. On the British summer:

"@hannaa_drizzy: British people smh " LOOOOOOOOOL WHAT HAVE I JUST OPENED

16. On taps aff:

Don't understand British people getting nakey at the first sight of sunlight, may be sunny but it's not hot, definitely jumper weather

17. On the language:

18. On lunch:

You British people are weird “@skittlesandcake: I still can't... ”

19. And on pudding:

Hahaha! Really?! THIS is a thing?! Wow, hilarious! British people are weird...

20. On tattoos:

Why do English people always get Chinese words written on them could you imagine if the Chinese done the same

21. And on swearing:

Why do British people use the word "cunt" like it's the word "and" in America

Why do British people say cunt so much?

Why do british people say cunt alot?

Why do British people love the cunt word