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21 Things You Know If You And Your Best Friend Are Both Obsessed With Food

Family size? Lol no, this is friendship size.

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1. Whenever you find a great new food place and your friend isn't with you, the first thing you do is text them excitedly about it.

Followed by pictures of everything you order, captioned "OMG sooooo goooooood 🍴🍔 😍."

3. You would never take food from each other's plates, because you both know there's no bigger crime.

"@FriendsReactss: When someone takes food from your plate "

4. But sharing a massive platter together? There is no greater pleasure.

Family size? Lol no, this is friendship size.


5. Both of your Instagram feeds are basically just pictures of meals you've eaten together.

8. Food makes up a good 50% of your conversation topics.

These are the types of friends everyone needs. We're literally talking about food at 4 am 😂 @DaniRabideau


13. When you're craving takeaway but need someone to order with, you know they will always be there for you.

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And they know you'll gladly return the favour in their next time of need (probably like tomorrow).

14. And a night out together can only end one way – with a shit-ton of drunk food.

You probably plan where you're going to get it from before you even start drinking.

15. If you go on holiday together, your first thought is trying ALL the amazing food there that you can't get at home.

Because what's a holiday for if not significantly overeating?

16. If you could, you'd both definitely follow the hobbit rules for meal times.

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7:00am – Breakfast

9:00am – Second Breakfast

11:00am – Elevenses

1:00pm – Luncheon

4:00pm – Afternoon Tea

6:00pm – Dinner

9:00pm – Supper


18. The one sad thing about eating out together is that they never have any leftovers you can finish off.

21. But most importantly, you both understand that you love food more than you love each other – and you're totally cool with that.


It's OK, because you share your love of food together, and that's what really matters.